Because Jesus lives, you will, too

God’s Hope for Your Heart from John 14


“Yet a little while and the world will see me no more, but you will see me.  Because I live, you also will live.”  (John 14:19)

The world can look so dark sometimes, so broken, and it’s easy to lose sight of Jesus if we’re not careful.  Even our own lives may go through seasons of darkness where it’s hard to see Jesus in our circumstances.

Yet, Jesus tells His disciples they will see Him.  Not only that, but He tells them that with that vision will come an even greater blessing: life.

Now, if you’re in Christ, He’s telling you, too.

Let your faith win out over your natural eyes today.  Let the Spirit show you the truth that no matter how alone you may feel, Jesus is there!

No matter how strong the power of death seems to be right now, may you stand firm in faith as you remember this reality.  You can have hope today because of this truth about tomorrow: because Jesus lives, you will, too.
-Pastor Phillip

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