God’s Hope for Your Heart from Psalm 31


Oh, how abundant is Your goodness, which You have stored up for those who fear You and worked for those who take refuge in You…  (Psalm 31:19)

Some people think of God as a distant deity, “the old man upstairs.”  Some people think of God as a cranky critic, just waiting for people to mess up.  Some people think of God as a stingy killjoy, always looking to spoil people’s fun.

But this is not the God of the Bible at all!

The God of the Bible doesn’t delight in spoiling people’s fun, but in showing them the way to ever-increasing joy.

The God of the Bible doesn’t wait for His children to fail so He can judge, but He watches out for us when we fall so He can lift us back up again.

The God of the Bible doesn’t live far off and disconnected from the world, but draws near to humanity and invites everyone to be united with Him through Christ.

That’s why you can trust this God with confidence.  That’s why you can worship this God with reverence.  That’s why you can come close to this God in any circumstance, no matter how down or dirty you feel.

Take refuge in Him today, because if you’re in Christ, you can have hope in this powerful truth: God has abundant goodness for you.

-Pastor Phillip

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