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Jesus bore shame so you could be spotless

God’s Hope for Your Heart from Psalm 25


Indeed, none who wait for You shall be put to shame.  (Psalm 25:3a)

Shame comes from many places.

It comes along with failure.  It comes along with inadequacy.  It comes when we’ve done some great wrong, or when great wrong has been done to us.

But Jesus takes shame away.

Jesus did no wrong, so He can take away the shame of the wrong we’ve done.

Jesus never failed in His mission, so He can take away the shame of our failure.

Jesus was perfectly sufficient, so He can take away the shame of our inadequacy.

Jesus was shamefully treated, but by His resurrection He offers the power of redemption that makes all things new!

If you’ve been waiting for a day or a person to come along and take away your shame, may you receive this truth and let it fill you with hope: Jesus bore shame so you could be spotless.

-Pastor Phillip

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