God’s Word is your firm foundation

God’s Hope for Your Heart from Matthew 24


Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.  (Matthew 24:35)

There are many things in this world on which to build your life.

You can build it on your achievements, always seeking one more win to validate your existence.

You can build it on your relationships, tying your sense of worth to the ups and downs of how things are going with the people in your life.

You can build it on your money and possessions, feeling your greatest sense of value based on the value of the things you own.

You can build a life on any of these things, but it won’t last forever.

Jesus says all of these things will “pass away,” will vanish, will disappear in time.  Achievements will be forgotten.  People will die and relationships will fall apart.  Money and possessions will either slip away in this life or be wrenched away when this life is over.

However, there is something that Jesus said is a solid and eternal foundation for your life: the words of God.

God has spoken in the Scriptures, and He still speaks today through the Holy Spirit.  When you build your life on that foundation, then that is a life that is strong and resilient.  That is a life that is full of joy and peace.  That is a life that flows with the blessing of God, because it’s founded on something eternal and good.

Don’t look to the things of the world for your answers and security, look to the substance of Heaven.  As you do, your heart will find its hope in the realization of this truth: God’s Word is your firm foundation.

-Pastor Phillip

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