God’s Hope for Your Heart from Matthew 15


And great crowds came to him, bringing with them the lame, the blind, the crippled, the mute, and many others, and they put them at His feet, and He healed them, so that the crowd wondered, when they saw the mute speaking, the crippled healthy, the lame walking, and the blind seeing.  And they glorified the God of Israel.  (Matthew 15:30-31)

Jesus loves to heal!

We see this all throughout the Gospels, as again and again we read that when people brought their sick and hurting loved ones to Jesus, He healed them all.  But Jesus’ first priority isn’t healing.  It’s the glory of God.

Jesus loves people!

We see this in the compassion He showed for the hungry, the hurting and the lost.  He provided food and fresh hope to many people.  But Jesus’ first priority isn’t people.  It’s the glory of God.

Jesus loves you!

Throughout the Scriptures we see that our God is seeking Savior, looking for and desiring that people everywhere be saved and redeemed.  Even though He dealt often with large crowds, Jesus repeatedly showed His love for individuals by spending one-on-one time with them in their hour of need.  But Jesus’ first priority isn’t you, and it isn’t me.  His greatest desire isn’t you, and it isn’t me.

It’s the glory of God, and this is a wonderful thing!  Why?

Because when we understand Jesus’ desire for the glory of the Father, it frees us from the weight of having to make sure we’re good enough to earn His healing compassion and love.

He’s not seeking to bless you for your sake, but for the glory of God, and that means the pressure’s off and you can simply receive the blessing.

As you wait for God’s perfect methods and timing for your healing, may you rest in hope as you remember that you’re off the hook of earning the right to be healed.  Why?  Because of this truth: Jesus heals for the glory of God.

-Pastor Phillip

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