God is your helmet of salvation

Scripture Notes on Psalm 140

O Lord, my Lord, the strength of my salvation, You have covered my head in the day of battle. (Psalm 140:7)

In any good fight, a headshot is the way to win. A strong blow can render an opponent unconscious -or worse- and quickly determine who is victorious. That’s why protecting the head is so vital.

The same is true in our spiritual life.

The battles that make the most difference are the ones not waged against the body, but against the mind. The enemy knows that if he can conquer you there, he can control you everywhere else. That’s why guarding the mind is so vital!

Here’s good news, then. In Christ, God Himself is the one who can keep your mind secure. He has given you His Word and His Spirit, and as you set your mind on these things, your Heavenly Father will protect you from the lie attacks of the enemy.

Whatever battle you face, focus on Jesus and let His Word give you strength as you remember this powerful truth.

God is your helmet of salvation.

-Pastor Phillip


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