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God sets boundaries for your benefit

Scripture Notes on Psalm 104

You covered [the earth] with the deep as with a garment; the waters stood above the mountains.
At your rebuke they fled; at the sound of your thunder they took to flight.
The mountains rose, the valleys sank down to the place that you appointed for them.
You set a boundary that they may not pass, so that they might not again cover the earth.

(Psalm 104:6-9)

The boundary keeps the sea from overflowing. It keeps the land from being overwhelmed.

The boundary hems in the ocean so it can be traveled and explored. It makes possible the beach for people to enjoy.

The boundary is a blessing.

Sometimes in our lives we see God’s boundaries as bad things. We think He is holding us back.

Yet, just like the boundary of the water makes it possible to sail, consider this. God’s boundaries aren’t there to hold you back. They are there to hold you up so you can move forward with your life.

Rejoice in God’s limits as an expression of His love. Embrace His commandments as a demonstration of His compassion. Trust His goodness and His care for you, and find peace in this truth.

God sets boundaries for your benefit.

-Pastor Phillip

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