Jesus died for fools

“The fool says in his heart, ‘There is no God…'” (Psalm 14:1a)

When the Bible uses the word “fool,” it’s not talking about a person who is intellectually slow, but someone who is morally warped.

The fool may have no lack of head knowledge, but they have a profound opposition to the things of God that stems from their own desire to pursue their own desires.

Sometimes I feel that way.

Maybe you do, too.  It’s that feeling when you know what the Bible says, but your case is different.  You know what Jesus calls us to, but you have special circumstances that give you a free pass to go ahead and do what you want to anyway.

“You don’t understand my situation.”

“It’s how I was raised.”

“I’m under a lot of stress right now.”

“This is just the way I am.”

And God calls you a fool.

When you and I choose our own way and make excuses for our sin, we are saying by our lives that though we may accept God with our minds, we don’t obey Him in our hearts.

It’s like He doesn’t even exist.

How amazing is Jesus, then, that even though “all have turned aside,” and, “there is none that does good,” He would die for us!  How gracious is God that even when we play the fool, the blood of Christ still cleanses us from all unrighteousness and lovingly welcomes us to come home to him!

May you walk in confidence today, knowing that even though you and I may sometimes act like “fools,” the love of Jesus is never shaken.

-Pastor Phillip


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