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RADIO – 03 If They Only Knew [My Name Is…]

Podcast-graphic-[My-Name-Is]Almost all of us have something in our past (or present) that we’re not proud of.  Whatever it is, we wonder and worry about how the people around us would react if they only knew.

If you know what that feels like (or even if you don’t) join Pastor Phillip Gonzales for a word of encouragement from the Scriptures.  After all, you know that thing you hope nobody finds out?  God already knows about it!  The question is, will you trust Him enough to hear what He has to say?

NOTE: This teaching was broadcast on “The Heritage Hour,” the weekly radio program of Dr. Mark P. Gonzales.  It airs in Fort Myers, FL at 8:00am on Saturday mornings on WJYO, 91.5fm.

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