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God will never abandon you

Scripture Notes on Psalm 94

For the Lord will not forsake His people; He will not abandon His heritage.  (Psalm 94:14)

Have you sinned and felt the sting of consequences and the weight of guilt?  Be at peace, God will never abandon you.

Have you failed to live up to expectations, yours or God’s or someone else’s?  Be at peace, God will never abandon you.

Have people you trusted let you down, and people you relied on left you hanging?  Be at peace, God will never abandon you.

It may feel sometimes as if God is not there.  It may seem sometimes that heaven is closed to you and your prayers return unanswered.  Even so, be at peace.

It is only a season.

It is only for a time.

It will not last forever.

You see, if you’re in Christ, you belong to Jesus as His treasured possession, no matter what!  That means you can have peace in this simple truth.

God will never abandon you.

-Pastor Phillip

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