Scripture Notes on Psalm 96

He will judge the world in righteousness, and the peoples in His faithfulness.  (Psalm 96:13b)

Most people don’t think of God’s judgement as a happy thing.  We get images in our minds of the great throne of God, of all the people of the earth being brought before Him for their lives to be weighed in the scales of justice.

This is an accurate picture.

The Bible says that one day all people will stand before God’s throne to be judged.  He will measure our lives against His standard of complete justice.  He will decide our fate based not on whether or not we were “a pretty good person,” but on whether or not we met His standard of perfect righteousness.

He does not give free passes; all debts must be paid in full.

He does not accept excuses; all sins must be atoned for completely, no matter what.

He does not grant exceptions for extenuating circumstances, all people will be judged fairly and justly, period.

Here’s why this is such good news.

If you’re in Christ, that means that when God looks at your life to judge you, He will see only Jesus’ life instead, and Jesus’ life is perfectly righteous!  If you’re in Christ, God will judge you according to how Jesus obeyed, to how Jesus was faithful, to how righteous Jesus is.

This means that if you’re in Christ, there is no exception or technicality that can convict you – you are totally righteous in God’s eyes.  No sin can come back to haunt you on judgement day – you are totally clean!

Because Jesus gives you His righteousness, in Christ, God’s judgement will bring you joy.

-Pastor Phillip

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