Scripture Notes on Psalm 90

For a thousand years in Your sight are but as yesterday when it is past, or as a watch in the night.  (Psalm 90:4)

God has the greatest perspective of all.

Think about it.  The long slow sequence of events that happened in your life to bring you to this moment?  He sees it all at once.  The results and repercussions of the choices you’re considering?  He sees them all right now.

There is no “history” or “future” with God, because He is eternal.  This also means that He alone has the fullest and clearest perspective on your life.  This is great news, because He loves you!  He wants to speak to you through His word and His Spirit, so that you can flourish and be filled with joy!

Because God sees the bigger picture, He knows how to guide you to the best results, and because He loves you in Christ, He wants to do just that.

The question is, will you listen?  Will you trust Him?  Will you obey or keep pretending that your perspective is the most valid and important one of all?

Whatever you’re facing, let God lead you to the right decision, because God has the best view of your life.

-Pastor Phillip

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