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Perspective Changes Everything

I really, really enjoyed raking the leaves.

The air was chilly and dry, with a bright winter sun overhead as the swooshing of the rake filled the silence of the morning.

Little piles of crunchy, paper-thin tree droppings started to stack up all around me, and I smiled as it struck me: I really, really enjoyed raking the leaves.

Now, for many people raking is a drudgery.  If you have to do it every day, it’s an unwelcome chore, but for me it was a fresh, new novelty, and that made all the difference.

Perspective Changes Everything

Amazing how perspective changes things, isn’t it?

Don’t discount the power of a fresh view of things.  Looking at something from a different perspective can take the driest circumstance and freshen it up like you wouldn’t believe.  A dull duty can turn into a delight with just a change in your frame of mind.

Not only that, but often times things that to you are a burden, may to someone else be a brand new adventure if they come at it from a different point of view than you.  If you can have a positive attitude as you share a task with them, you may find that things run more smoothly for everyone.

As you encounter difficulties and distractions this week, may you look to Jesus for a different perspective, and may His Spirit remind you that even when joy seems impossible to find, with God, all things are possible.

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