Do you ever wish you were more “near to God?”

“whoever would draw near to God must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him.”  -Hebrews 11:6b

When I look at the world, it’s not hard to believe God exists.  The order, the beauty, the wonder of His creation is an amazing thing.

Yet, for me to truly want to “draw near” to Him, simply believing God exists won’t work for long.

My heart is most drawn to Him when I dwell on the incredible truth that as I seek Him, He has a great reward for me!

Now, here’s the liberating truth.

Seeking God isn’t about Him giving me everything I want.

It’s about Him being everything I need, and when I realize this and walk in it, I can’t help but draw near to Him to receive the greatest reward of all…



How about you?  How are you drawing near to God in this season?


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