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How to Keep Relationships Alive in Spite of Controversy

Have you ever damaged a relationship because of disagreement?  Consider this…

Compassion is an antidote to controversy.  It empowers you to hold different perspectives from another person and still have peace between you.  Here’s why.

True compassion goes hand-in-hand with humility.  It does not arrogantly look down on people as fools if they see things differently, but looks first in the mirror to see that even our own understanding is a gift, and our own perspective may yet be proved lacking.

Compassion is a preserving agent that ensures the survival of the relationship beyond the point of argument – at least as far as it depends on us.

Of course, that’s all we’re really responsible for, isn’t it?  Us.

PRAYER: O Lord, help me have compassion for others as You’ve had such compassion on me.

What about you?  What helps you safeguard relationships in the midst of controversy?

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2 Responses

  1. Time.  Time heals a lot of things.  Sometimes I need space, sometimes the other person does.  But giving God time to work on my heart helps me have this compassion.  And when God convicts me of something, my response is so much more change than when another person condemns me.

    I recently heard Joyce Meyer talk about others’ walk with the Lord.  She said something like this: we just need to let up on people.  God’s the only one who can work in their heart to bring about true change.  They may not have the same convictions as us, but it doesn’t mean God’s not working with them.  

    How that has helped me!  I have a lot of strong Christian friends who strongly believe very differently than me on many issues!  It doesn’t mean I’m right and they’re wrong.  But, as you said, I’m responsible for me, and I have to leave the other person in the hands of God without offering a judgment either way.  

    1. That is so true, yet so difficult sometimes, isn’t it? I know for me it’s not easy to give other people time to change, until God gently reminds me how much time it’s taken ME…and how much it still does 🙂

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