Think about this for a moment: When you and I doubt God’s grace, we fall into the same trap that the serpent prepared for our first parents in the garden.

It means we are listening to the sly voice of the deceiver when he says…

“God doesn’t really love you.
He doesn’t really have your best interest in mind.
He won’t really come through on His promises to you, won’t really provide for you.”

If you believe this, you will begin to draw away from God and His presence and draw closer to whatever “forbidden fruit” you feel will step in to provide whatever you think the Father is withholding from you.

Yet, for each one of us, on the days that we do this, we die a little more inside.

How much greater it is for us to turn our eyes away from the pale fruit of lifeless, forbidden things, and instead feast our eyes and our souls and our spirits on the goodness of God in Christ and the glory of the wonder of the cross!

How much stronger in heart we are when we let the Spirit nurture and provide for us, rather than seeking sustenance elsewhere in things that will never satisfy!

May you close your ears to the lies of the serpent and open your eyes to the grace of God.  That’s the place you will find strength as you trust that whatever His methods and timing for working in your life, they are ultimately and always for His glory and your joy.


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