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I subscribe to an excellent free resource from an organization called Koinonia House, the ministry of Bible teacher Chuck Missler.  It’s called “K-House eNews” and it’s a weekly e-mail update that includes brief news highlights from around the world and medium-sized articles on Scripture and life.  If you’re interested, you can subscribe here.

The past two issues have featured an EXCELLENT series on “Faith and Miracles” that blessed me very much, so I thought I’d share it here.  There are six articles, each about a page-and-a-half long.


— Pastor Phillip

Faith and Miracles: a six-part series of articles from Koinonia House

Part I: Faith in What?
“Have faith,” people will often say when troubles come along, even people who don’t claim to follow Jesus Christ. Billy Joel once crooned about “keeping the faith” complete with a music video. Faith is popular.  When people tell us to have “faith” though, we ought to ask, “Faith in what?…
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Part II: A Mustard Seed and An Empty Fridge
Sheri Munson gazed into her refrigerator. She saw a box of Arm & Hammer baking soda, a bottle of ancient mustard, and some very old packets of soy sauce. The barren cupboards held a can of pumpkin and the last cup of a bag of rice. That was basically it.  Sheri had five children to feed. As she stared into her empty cupboards, she said, “Okay Lord. I’m going to trust you. You’ve brought me this far. I can’t believe you’re going to let me fall off a cliff now. You said you would be my husband. Please provide for us…”
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Part III: Even Our Hairs – Hamster Time
When we hear [miraculous] sorts of stories, we’re grateful for God’s coming through in times of great need. However, we don’t always think that God is willing to take care of us in the “small” things too, things that maybe not all people will recognize as important.  Fear and doubt edge into our prayer-lives in a variety of ways…
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Part IV: Expecting The Unexpected
In 1933, when education guru John Dewey and 33 others signed the Humanist Manifesto, they were casting off what they saw as the outdated chains of established religion. They were forming a religion of their own, one in which man made the ultimate determinations of good and bad, right and wrong…
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Part V: The Fiery Furnace
The story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego is one of the most fun miracles in the Old Testament.  These three Hebrews stood up to King Nebuchadnezzar and were thrown into the furnace for it. They obeyed God and remained faithful to Him, trusting that God could marvelously, miraculously save them…
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Part VI: But If Not
“But see, there’s a problem when Grandma prays to be healed and she isn’t healed. She thinks she doesn’t have strong enough faith or that God doesn’t love her. What about Grandma?” – An anonymous skeptic …
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