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Some “e-mail updates” I just delete.

Then others, I take time to read because I know there’s something special inside.

“Notes from Terry” is one of the ones I read, because in his role as “Team Strategist” for Music and Worship Ministries office of the Florida Baptist Convention, Terry Williams always has some great stuff to share.

One of my favorite things is “A Word on Worship,” a little section at the end where Terry takes a brief passage from a book or teaching on worship from some of today’s best thinkers and practitioners.

This is one that came through the other day (9/19/12).  May the truths found in these words be truly found in our worship.  Enjoy!

-Pastor Phillip


Elmer Towns from his book PUTTING AN END TO WORSHIP WARS

The effectiveness of worship is not measured by atmosphere, or by how fast the songs are sung, or how deeply we meditate on solitude.  It is not measured by a new Plexiglas pulpit, or using no pulpit at all.  It is not measured by raising hands, by affirming the Apostles’ Creed, or by congregational applause.  It is not measured by responsive readings, or by listening to an expositional sermon based on a proper interpretation of the text.

  • True worship is always measured by the response of the believer’s heart to God.
  • True worship is measured by the transformation of worshipers because they have been in the presence of God.
  • True worship is measured by repentance because worshipers have faced their sins and asked for forgiveness.
  • True worship is measured by new insights about God that deepen their daily walk with God.
  • True worship never allows us to remain the same person we were before we came into the presence of God.


Special thanks to Terry Williams for sharing originally. E-mail: [email protected]/em>


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