Hope in the Hurting

What do you do when it just hurts?

All throughout history the people of God have struggled with hurt, with pain and uncertainty. It’s never easy to walk through the valley of the shadow, especially because we never DO know how long it will last.

And yet, it is in these times of suffering that God offers us a point of light, a beacon of hope to look to & know that He is still with us.

It is the cross of Christ.

It is the cross that reminds us that He has suffered deeply, painfully, and it was for us.

No trite words of “God loves you” can bring peace in the time of pain, but let the blood-stained wood of the rugged cross be your support. Let the nail-scarred hands of the crucified Savior hold you up. Let His wounded head nod in understanding at your suffering, and His tear-filled eyes overflow with yours, because He loves you.

I can’t promise you easy answers or quick fixes, but I can promise you this: He did not go through such agony then to abandon you now, and no matter how long the night may be for you and those you love, He will be with you until the morning comes, and beyond.


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