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A Remnant

Ever feel like you’re all alone, like no one understands or agrees with you in your faith?

At the present time there is a remnant, chosen by grace.” -Romans 11:5

All throughout Scripture runs a thread of the loneliness of God’s people in a world turned against Him.  Elijah the prophet felt it. David the king felt it.  Jesus the Christ felt it.

In those moments that you feel it, remember the promise God still gives to His people.

“There are others. You are not alone.”

It may look like you’re alone. It may feel like it. Do not believe it!

Believe God, not your circumstances, and know that He will bring the people you need at just the right time. He is trustworthy, because the reason He’ll bring them is the same reason He chose you…


How has He come through for you in those moments?

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