From Faith

What do motives matter when we do things for God?

“For whatever does not come from faith is sin.” -Romans 14:23b

It is quite possible to do godly thing for ungodly reasons, and the Bible calls this sin. It is quite possible to do things with godly motives and still sin. Why?

God never places on people the ultimate responsibility of results. That’s up to Him. Nor does He put primary importance on behavior. Rather, His greatest desire and demand from us is belief; belief that exalts His name by trusting His character.

When we act without a heart of faith, we are in essence saying , “Okay God, I will serve and obey You…but not sure I really trust You.” This is fear-based, duty-driven, and antithetical to the Gospel.

Let us rather walk in faith and trust, for in so doing, we are living in love and bringing the greatest glory to God.


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