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Building the Kingdom, one child at a time

Imagine being a mom in the jungle of Ecuador...

Imagine being a mom in the jungle of Ecuador.

You earn a minimum wage of $270 per month for a regular 40 hour work week. You hope your child will one day have a different and more fulfilling life than the one you have had. You dream of a better future. You see it on TV, you see it from the tourists who come from developed cities, and you hear it through your child’s frustration with a limited education. You have the option of a poor education that will lock your child in to a limited lifestyle, or you can hope for an education that will one day help your child break the cycle they have inherited. What would you do?

After being in Ecuador this summer and seeing both how much need is there and how simple it is to make a difference in Jesus name, I was thrilled to hear from our own Daniela Schwartz that we have another opportunity to invest in these wonderful kids.  The paragraph above is from a flyer I received from her about the Jungle Kids for Christ Sponsor A Student program that helps them provide quality, Christ-centered education to poor children in the jungles of Ecuador.  For only $45 per month, you can partner with a local family (who also must pay $45/mo) to send their child to the JKC school, an investment in the next generation that we’re already seeing bear much fruit.

Would you take a moment to read the attached one-page flyer and prayerfully consider if this might be something for you?  You can check it out here: Sponsor a student 2012 – 2013

Impacting the world together,
– Pastor Phillip

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