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If you expect life to be what it always has been, that's likely all it ever will be...

If you expect life to be what it always has been, that’s likely all it ever will be.

“They were glad to take [Jesus] into the boat, and immediately the boat was at the land to which they were going.” -John 6:21

Linear life is normal. It is predictable, steady and good. It moves in a straight line from where you were to where you’re going, and it moves at the slow pace of predictable human effort.

However, when Jesus enters the boat, He brings with Him the potential for radical growth, progress and change. The question is, will we invite Him into the boat by believing for better things, or shut Him out by our refusal to imagine life could be different than it is right now?

Whatever you’re trying to do, whatever you’re praying to see, don’t stop being faithful in the daily steps of obedience that are the typical path of advancement in the Christian life. BUT, don’t be afraid to ask in faith for Jesus to accelerate the process, and don’t be surprised when He does.

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