If there’s anything you can’t accuse Jesus of, it’s being a people-pleaser.

In John 8:31-58, Jesus speaks to the Jews who believe in Him, calls them children of the devil, gets accused of having a demon, claims to be God and escapes stoning by (presumably) using His divine abilities to “hide himself and [go] out of the temple.” (John 8:59)

No, Jesus isn’t a people-pleaser, nor is He a “shock jock” just trying to get a reaction from the crowd.  Jesus simply speaks the truth in context.

With the broken and hurting He pours out God’s grace.  With the shallow thrill-seekers who want a showy savior but not a righteous Lord, He draws out their fickleness and superficiality, exposing their hearts.

Jesus isn’t harsh with the hurting, and isn’t afraid of displeasing a crowd.  When Jesus speaks, His words are both sutures to heal and a scalpel to cut away, and He does it all for the glory of God (John 8:50).

May it be the same with His Church.


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