Have you ever felt like your spiritual life was under water?

For some, this is their sad reality.  Drowning in the depths of despair and fear, pain and confusion, there is no clarity or strength in their belief.  There is no substance to their faith, no hope in their heart.

For others, their walk with Christ isn’t much of a walk at all.  It feels more like treading water.  No great crisis threatens to take them under, but on and on they go, legs pumping but going nowhere, and as they grow more and more weary, the waters slowly rise.  There is no conviction in their words, no dream in their minds.  There is no fire in their eyes.

Then there are those who are neither under the water nor treading in it, but walking on it.

These are they whose eyes are fixed on Jesus and are reflecting the spark of His glory.  Their minds are being renewed by His Word and their hearts transformed by His power.  Their spirits are emboldened by communion with the Holy Spirit of God, the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead and is now breathing fresh life into them as well.

These water-walkers do not close their eyes to the situations and struggles around them, but in them they see a light and a future beyond the present moment.  They are captivated by a vision of greater things to come, and by faith can see the seeds of miracles all around them.  Even greater than this, they are the ones whose hands and hearts are open to the dynamic power and love of God, to receive freely from Him and respond by freely giving to the world; hands working in the fields to “prepare the way of the Lord” as He brings the seeds to life.  These are the true worshipers, the true workers “in Spirit and in truth.”  These are the ones through whom God is changing the world for and by His glory.

I want to be one of them, for these are the people who are true outposts of the Kingdom of God.