RADIO: The Catamaran – Heritage Hour 05/19/12

Do you ever feel like you’re just not going anywhere?

Stability. It’s someone almost everyone wants, but what about when you’re stable, but don’t seem to be going anywhere? Join Pastor Phillip Gonzales for the conclusion of “The Cat, the Ketchup, & the Catamaran: unlocking the power of the Christian life.”

This program aired on 05/19/12 on “The Heritage Hour”, the radio broadcast of Dr. Mark P. Gonzales.  It airs Saturday mornings at 8:00am on 91.5, Kingdom FM and I’ll be filling in for three weeks while Pastor Mark is taking a break.  Enjoy! -Phillip





Fill-in-the-blank notes to go along with the message.
DOWNLOAD: Study notes – 3) the Catamaran

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