Have you ever been in a season where you’re trying to connect with God and live the Christian life, but when you do the things you always have, it seems like you’re frustrated at every turn?  I have, and I’ve discovered that in those seasons, there are three roadblocks that are often the culprit.  Join me in exploring how to overcome them in part one of a three-part series I call “The Cat, the Ketchup, & the Catamaran: unlocking the power of the Christian life”.

This program aired on 05/03/12 on “The Heritage Hour”, the radio broadcast of Dr. Mark P. Gonzales.  It airs Saturday mornings at 8:00am on 91.5, Kingdom FM and I’ll be filling in for three weeks while Pastor Mark is taking a break.  Enjoy!




Fill-in-the-blank notes to go along with the message.
DOWNLOAD: Study notes – 1) the Cat

VIDEO: My Cat is a Christian
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