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Sweeter than Honey

“What does he know that I don’t?”

David, the writer of Psalm 119, says, “How sweet your words taste to me; they are sweeter than honey.” (Psalm 119:103) Granted, there are some nice things in the Bible, but really, “sweeter than honey?”

Here’s what David understands that we often miss when we read the Scriptures.  ALL of the Bible is good news.

  • Good news that God made the world a beautiful place and will return to make it new again.
  • Good news that God made a way for Adam and Eve and has made a way for us.
  • Good news that God is always faithful to His people no matter how long they wander in the desert or how far they go.
  • Good news that His commands lead to life, and life abundantly.
  • Good news that Jesus is the true light of the world, and has come to shine in us and through us to drive back the darkness in our world.

When you understand good news like that, it is very sweet indeed.

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