I’m reading the story of Joseph this week and it strikes me how his life was a continuous cycle of ups and downs, ups and downs, ups and downs.

One minute he’s the favored son, the next an exiled slave in a faraway land. He’s up with Potiphar, then down in jail, favored in prison, then forgotten. Sure, God works it all out in the end but it was quite a rocky road to get there.

Sound familiar?

Every week, those of us who serve in worship gatherings have the privilege of ministering to people in all sorts of circumstances. Some are on top of the world, others feel crushed underneath. Some feel loved and accepted, others feel worthless and ignored.  The truth is, all of us come through the doors with distractions and wounds, clutter in our minds and hurts in our hearts, and each week a thousand things will try to pull our attention down and away from the one thing that matters.

So, every week we share in one mission, what I believe is the purpose of the Worship Arts: “to create sacred space for people to encounter God“. No matter what songs we sing, words we speak or ways we serve, we aren’t the ones who can change lives. Our job is to push back as many distractions as we can and help people LOOK UP to encounter the One who CAN change lives, and DOES change lives every day.

We all serve in different ways and for different seasons. Whether you’re on every week or every once in a while, up front on stage or behind the scenes, thanks for being a part of the team.

YOU make a difference.

Looking up with you,
-Pastor Phillip

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