What can change a life?

There are good things, bad things, and probably neutral things.  What are some things that, for good or bad, can make a LASTING change in a person’s life?

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  1. These are the first things that hit me that will make a lasting change: adding a new love relationship i.e. spouse, child, family member, friend; as well as the loss of a loved one,
    a permanent physical disability either to self or family, spiritual change i.e. forsake God or be born again,
    being rejected by an adult child,
    to just name a few. Karen McCulley

  2. So many things can change a person’s life. Some of the good things are salvation, marriage, friendships, God’s Word. Some of the bad things are illness, divorce, and being let go from a job. Sometimes something can seem like a bad thing and change your life for good and so then you look on it as a good thing.

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