One little change

It’s two weeks in to January, and already I imagine the gyms and fitness centers are starting to thin out from their post-holiday rush.

A few million people have probably “cheated just a little” on that diet they committed to.

Days of reading have been skipped, cigarettes lit “just one more time” and the morning run has been put off one more day… again.

People everywhere committed to big changes in their life, only to have those big changes steadily shrink, and chances are, eventually many will shrink enough that they’ll disappear, leaving things exactly as they were before.

Maybe the big changes are overrated.  Maybe what we really need is not a big change that shrinks, but a little change that causes a chain-reaction.  Maybe if we made a change that was little -but strategic- we’d find things very different this year…

What would happen if you set your alarm to go off just 15 minutes earlier?

Would it mean you’d be just a little less stressed in the morning?

Would it give you just a little more time to pray?

Would it keep you from yelling at your spouse or your kids?

Would it keep you from a speeding ticket on the way to work, a late appearance at an important meeting, a missed opportunity to get that hot cup of coffee you need before the last drop disappears?

Would it keep your blood pressure a little lower each day, your heart pumping a little longer, your family together for a few more days?

Maybe.  Are you willing to give it a shot?


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