I am thankful for mornings that I wake up with an aching back.

They remind me of all the other mornings that I don’t.

I am thankful for days when the sky is dark and gloomy.  They remind me that it’s usually bright and sunny.

I am thankful for days when my heart is filled with pain.  They remind me that I am still alive, still breathing, and that most other days are filled with joy.

I am thankful for days when the future is uncertain.  They remind me that I’ve been through uncertainty before, and God has always brought clarity when the time is right.

I am thankful for days when I feel the weight of failure, guilt, and shame.  They remind me that Jesus shed His blood for me, and His love never, never fails.

Anyone can be thankful for good times, good food, good moments with family and friends.  I’m asking God to help me keep a heart of thankfulness, not just through hardship, but for it.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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