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Prayer for 10/08/10

Lord have mercy on me, a sinner.

You call me first to abide IN You, not work FOR You. You teach me that service is an outflow, not an engine; a result, not a cause.

Forgive me for looking at my life and the lives of others through the lenses of achievement rather than communion. I have set my tasks and accomplishments on the balance scale opposite the rest of the world and judged myself according to which way it tips, but You, Lord, do not measure my worth with the same weights.

You place in my corner the weight of the cross, and that love is heavier than all the achievements and accolades ever done by the sons of men. You place in my corner the blood of Christ, and that gift is far weightier than any acceptance I could hope to earn. THANK YOU.

Lord, let me not be so consumed with activity that I cease to abide. Let me not try to do so much for you that I lose the joy of simply being with you.

Let me not judge others by how much or little they have done, but let me only watch my own life to ensure I have loved and lived with You.

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  1. That is an awesome prayer. I have been reading “Come rest with Me” by Byran Coupland (New Tribes Mission). All God really desires from us is that we Rest In HIM! ABIDE!

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