Small Pleasures

The World Market food section is a lovely place for the senses.

I am walking through a cornucopia of brightly colored packages of marzipan and imported biscotti, surrounded by the scent of exotic teas and coffees from other lands. All of a sudden, my senses dim and center on a single package, the other trinkets and goodies quickly forgotten as my drifting eyes lock in on a treasure not seen since that little gift shop in Frankfurt.


Yes, “Bueno”, one of the many chocolate delicacies offered by the German candy maker Kinder; this is a happy moment. The Bueno bar is something I’ve not seen Stateside before, so finding it here is an unexpected treat. I stop, take out a package and cradle it in my hands. My mouth waters at the thought of the sensory opportunity before me. I feel the perfect curves of chocolate morsels hidden beneath the wrapper, savor the crinkling sound of the plastic and foil in my hands, and imagine the delicious flavors waiting inside.

Then I put it down and walk away.

Some say the most exciting part of pleasure is the anticipation. Some say getting there is half the fun. I still say the payoff is the best part, but when you have to wait, sometimes the small pleasures leading up to it are just enough to get you by.


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