I can almost see it… but not quite.  I can almost hear in the whispers of the wind, almost heart the sound of the new song, the new joy, the relieved sigh of peace… but not quite yet.  This desert, this wasteland, it’s not that there isn’t some good here, or that I haven’t had any provisions given to me… No, my needs are met, He has made sure of that, but it is so dry here, and lonely.  It’s as if, though I find myself surrounded by a herd of other seekers, we have no deep connection, no shared drive.  We seek the same thing, even believe the same truths, but somehow we still walk along in our own little bubbles, together, yet alone.

Then there are the signs.  Oh there are all sorts of “signs” all around, but it’s almost as if they are all pointing a different way, or even changing, so that as I look, I can almost read them any way I want.

Oh the frustration of it all!

But I do not lose hope.  No indeed, because when He is the foundation of my hope, I know, I am sure that what I am looking for is just beyond the horizon line.  I know this because I know Him, the One who has promised good to me.  He is the one who is preparing it, making my way, and even though I can’t see it yet, I know it’s there.  You see, every night brings darkness, cold, even isolation, but the sun remains, it endures, and it is waiting to return again, just beyond the horizon line.

So, just as morning always comes, I know that so will my answer, my hope, my deliverance.  I can almost see it already, right there, just beyond the horizon line.

Phillip Gonzales

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