If a picture’s worth a thousand words, here are some (nice) choice words about the team from Ecuador 2012.

This post continues a series of my favorite photographs from our mission trip to Misahualli, Ecuador in May of 2012.  Specifically, here are several shots of the people who went on the trip, captured in some special moments.  Feel free to pass along your impressions when you see them next. 🙂

– Phillip

[NOTE: The other parts of this series (plus Ecuador daily recaps) can be found HERE.]


Marcos makes a new friend

(Marcos Araya)



All systems go

(Ryan Eyre)



Who are you callin’ dirty?

(Chris McGuire)



Lovers far from home

(Cameron and Daniela Schwartz)



A smile for the family

(Marc Wallace)



A job well done

(Phil Schwartz)